Friday, July 18, 2008

Worms: 2; Nicole: 2

I guess I should update you on the corn situation. I did eventually find a nice web page that explained the whole "worm" situation to me. So, I bravely went in to husk (shuck? which is it?) the corn.

Ear One: No worm! Nicole happily peeled away the layers of husk setting them aside in dreams of tamales or corn husk dolls.

Ear Two: Confidently pulling away the husks -- when near the actual corn I see... a worm. A fuzzy green worm munching on MY corn. I was husking over the trashcan so I shake the worm off - do my best to NOT throw away the corn while repeating an "organic is good. organic is good" mantra over and over. Dutifully cut off the portion of the corn the worm had munched on (plus quite a few more rows . . .)

At this point I pushed the other two ears to the side and said I'd deal with them and their inhabitants later. (I also threw the husks into the trash as I couldn't remember which were the worm husks and which weren't - so don't expect a "how to make a corn husk doll" post anytime in the near future.)

I roasted up the corn. Sprinkled some butter and spices and such on it and popped it in the oven wrapped in tin foil. Cooked for about 30 minutes. I don't do well actually eating the corn off the cob - so I just cut the kernels off into a bowl, chopped up a tomato (organic of course), mix, salt, enjoy!

I finally braved up enough to face the remaining two ears the next day. The first one had the evidence of the worm (munched ends) but the last one was worm free. So, half and half. I feel as though I've accomplished some brave step in organic food! ;-)


  1. Good for you! You're much braver than I would have been.

  2. or crazy. one of the two. lol

  3. My family used to buy corn at the local farmstand when I was younger. We would occasionally find a worm. Now it's all making pesticides. Hmm... I think my corn will continue to come from the supermarket.

  4. LOL, even corn grown with pesticides here has worms. That's just a normal thing for me. I usually just chop an inch or two off the end of the corn and then shuck as normal. I don't typically look at the end I cut off. The worm does still grosses me out quite a bit.

    Just FYI: I also usually roast my corn in the husk, minus the worm end, of course.

  5. good job, nicole. organic does bring out the natural side of things - which in this case includes worms looking for dinner. must of been good corn :-)