Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rosemary Eggs

I had someone make me scrambled eggs a number of years ago that were heavenly. They were the best I ever had. I never attempted to re-create the masterpiece though until today. It had been a number of years and I wasn't sure if it really was the special ingredient or if the flavors were just intensified by the fact that I was able to eat breakfast while looking out large windows towards a view of a rocky beach with crashing waves. I thought I'd give it a try though!

First. Heat up some olive oil in a skillet and sprinkle in lots of rosemary.

Let that heat for a while and stir it around a bit. After about 5 minutes. Dump out the rosemary. Yep. Dump it out. I have a vague memory that perhaps the man who made these for me had a little fire action going on in the skillet - but perhaps that's more of me romanticizing my beach-view-breakfast.

Now - put the skillet back on the eye and pour in your eggs that have been whisked with some cream and a little kosher salt.

Stir with a wooden spoon occassionally (I'm convinced that the wooden spoon makes a difference). Stir them until they look like the consistency that you prefer.

After you plate the eggs sprinkle with a little fresh ground peper and enjoy!


  1. Yummy! Now that is something I've never tried ;). I'm gonna have to give it a try! Looks good!

  2. So... did it taste like you remembered?

  3. April - I forgot I left that part out of the post!

    They were good - but not as rosemary-y as I remembered.

  4. Nicole, I had breakfast for dinner one night this week, so I prepared the rosemary eggs. I infused the olive oil with dried rosemary as directed. I did not bother to use the mortar and pestle to get the essential oils going in the dried rosemary, since the time spent in the hot oil would take care of that step. I think fresh rosemary would be even better, and, if I find any, I am going to leave the fresh rosemary in the pan. Did I mention that I adore the flavor of rosemary?

  5. I can't believe I forgot to include the fact that the "rosemary eggs" are delicious. Two thumbs up. Way up.

  6. Glad you ennjoyed them, Joe! I like the idea of using the fresh rosemary and leaving it in the pan.

    And I so wish I had said "Infuse the olive oil with the scent of rosemary" rather than "sprinkle rosemary in the olive oil" - - I would've sounded much cooler and like I actually know what I'm talking about.

  7. Well I probably watch entirely too much "Food Network" and read too many cookbooks. How else would I have known to "infuse the olive oil" with the rosemary? I also need to say for the record that breakfast-for-dinner is my ultimate comfort food experience.