Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cards and such

I've been sending out more hand written cards and letters lately - so of course my thoughts turn towards stationery. 

A couple weeks ago I picked up a pack of blank white note cards and envelopes. I came home and started doodling and ended up pretty happy with how some of them have turned out. Here are three of my favorites.

Side note: I have a new fascination with all things sailing and am trying to work up the courage to take sailing lessons this summer.

So - not the most elaborate card-making in the world, but it's relaxing to just doodle away and it's really simple and easy without all the glue and scraps of paper and embellishments in traditional card-making.

I was wandering through an art store the other day and found some stationery I loved and picked it up.  They are note cards in the shape of traditional Russian Nesting dolls - - and I pretty much love all things Russian.  Amazon Link.

And while I'm writing about letters and mail and such - my friend Lauren is hosting a fun giveaway for mail related cute and fun things  - - go check it out  and follow her fun blog and then don't enter the contest cause I want that postcard stamp and the only reason I'm telling you about it is because I get two entries into the contest for doing so. :)  Link


  1. LOL. you're so cute.

    1. I love the cards.
    2. Thanks for mentioning the giveaway, yay extra entries!
    3. I shouldn't have to say this to you of all people (FOR SHAME!), but it's stationEry.

  2. ahhh!!! As I like to say, I was a literature major - - not a spelling/grammar major.

    But, yes, you are correct - - I have not suddenly found an interest in not moving.

  3. also found other typos while correcting that...I really should proofread these things. . . .

  4. Cute idea! I may have to steal that sometime. Oh, and I love the new background and colors. Are we trying to bring on the spring? :)

  5. i think they came out great! and i totally think you should take the sailing lessons! how fun that would be!

  6. great idea, nicole!! you're filled with talent.

    my fav is the one with the sun with "hello", though the sailboat runs a close tie ;-)

    sailing could be fun, tho i don't know if your daddy would do so well on the water. if you learn, tho, perhaps we could visit and go out with you on lake michigan. that would be fun!!