Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 Things I Have Used for a Long Time

1. Umbrella. Current one is in need of a replacement. I've had it since 2003.

2. Wallet. I bought a wallet in 1999 and used it until 2008 when I bought a new one. I still use the 2008 wallet. I often look for a replacement because it's fallen apart and been put back together numerous times, but I am quite picky about my wallets.

3. That one night-gown that I've had since approximately 1994. It's more of a night-shirt now.

4. Not the same bottle of course, but me and Dove Body Wash have been enjoying showers together for at least fifteen years. They need a "loyalty points" program.

5. A metal ring thing that provides ponytail holder storage. It's been in my "hair accessory" bag since 2002.

6. That purple coffee mug that a high school friend gave me as a "we're graduating!" present in 2001.

7. My Stapler. Also received as a high school graduation present. It has travelled through college and two careers. Off to grad-school we go! (Actually - I got two staplers as HS grad gifts - a regular one and a mini-one. Both are still with me.)

8. 1995 navy blue with a brown suede bottom Jansport bookbag. Mama didn't buy a lifetime warranty for nothing.

9. TI-83 Graphing Calculator circa 1998. I have absolutely no recollection of how to use the trig and calc and various other advanced functions anymore, but it's quite handy on bill paying days.

10. The same pair of Cover Girl gold rimmed glasses from 1999 in a pale blue case. I wear contacts during the day, but these are my night/morning vision wear. They seem to work better than the new glasses I bought last year.

What about you? What's stuck around your life for a seemingly long amount of time?


  1. Too funny. I just wrote a "list" type blog post too... just now. And I totally see what you're doing here with the bolding and question asking. ;)

    I may write a blog post on this one, because it's fun, so I'll have to come back.. but.. I still have my Ti-89. I had an 83 that I got freshman year but it got stolen at the SATs senior year. And I had the 89 from calc senior year.

    Most of my things that have stuck around are just things from childhood.. but I will think more on this. I like to uhh needlessly collect things, haha, so things you've kept around don't tend to stick for me.

    Wait a sec.. you got a stapler as a graduation gift? hahahaha!!

    1. We are obviously both super cool.

      and, yes, I got staplers as graduation gifts! They are quite usefull and practical. Super good gift! lol