Thursday, May 22, 2008

Favorite Things: containers

When I first moved to my little apartment I found some magnetic spice tins at Ross and I fell in love with them. I could not find the same tins anywhere though to increase my collection! I looked thoroughly through the kitchen section of every Ross I entered and only managed to find three more - giving me a total of 9 spice jars. Well, this past weekend my mother and I were at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and she spotted my spice tins! They typically come in a set of 9-12 with a little magnetic board - - but I don't use the magnetic board. However, BB&B was selling them individually! So happy. I bought all but five of them.

The original set I bought at Ross had some labels - and I found a few more removable labels at World Market.

Aren't they just lovely? This is perhaps my most favorite thing in my kitchen. I love that they easily stay organized and in reach. I even have seven extras at the moment for when I buy more spices.

These lovely little things do not have to be used for spices of course. I'm considering using them in my office to store some craft things like beads, eyelets, buttons, etc. They're also great for office supplies (push pins, paper clips, rubber bands)

And, I know I'm a couple of weeks behind on my CSA postings. I must admit I'm a bit disappointed in the fact that it's almost always types of leafy greens. I like salad - - it's just not a very fun blog topic. Hopefully I'll be getting some other types of vegetables and fruits soon and I'll have more to write about besides "had salad again. . ." Or, when I'm finally done with work for the school year I'll have a chance to try some fancy salads.


  1. i absolutely love those things. i should look for them.

  2. Oh that makes a great graphic look. I love it. I'm sure it makes for some great storage too. I love how clean it looks. I might have to find some of those myself.

    BTW, if you ever need extra clear stickers for the front let me know and I'll tell you where you can find some.


  3. Those things are great. I don't have any but I considered buying them for craft things. :)

  4. I love your little spice jars! I think I will copy you and get some on my BB&B trip today.

  5. So cute! I'm too clumsy to have these around, I'd end up knocking the tin open and spice would end up all over the floor!