Saturday, June 21, 2008

Favorite Things: Jewelry as Decor

I have never been a big fan of jewelry boxes. They just don't seem to serve their purpose very well for anything other than rings and perhaps bracelets. Necklaces get tangled on the hooks. Earrings get lost and jumbled around. Plus, there never seems to be enough space - especially when bulky and large jewelry is the rage. A few years ago I started hanging my necklaces on an old accordion-style hat rack I picked up at a yard sale for 25 cents. I've hung the hat rack both vertically and horizontally (as it is now) - and it works great both ways. I really need another one as my necklaces are getting a bit crowded - but it works for now. This is in my closet so the only person who really sees it is me and the guest who goes snooping where they ought not to be.

I've been keep my earrings in a small clear case designed to store eyelets for the scrapbook enthusiast. This has worked well except for my larger earrings - and I was running out of space in the box as well. Taking a cue from my necklace rack I decided to make use of some blank wall space next to my bathroom mirror and put in some nails in a lattice pattern on the wall and hung my earrings from there. I just had six nails at first - but I liked it so much I wanted to turn some of my other pretty earrings into artwork and just kept going.

In general, I like how it turned out. I'm considering finding some simple fabric that coordinates with my bathroom and putting that on the wall behind the earrings and framing it all out with some simple molding from the hardware store - just to set off the display - but that may be a bit much for the space. I'll mull it over and if I give it a re-design I'll be sure to post pictures.

Those are headbands on a towel bar as well. i went through a headband phase for about a month before I stopped wearing them - - but I liked the headband there so they've stayed.

Anybody else have interesting jewelry and/or accessory storage ideas? Hats? Purses? Scarves? Pins? Do share!


  1. I love your display of jewelry. :) I need to take a picture of my small display.

  2. excellent ideas! i think you should add the fabric though.

    all of my jewelry is on my dresser and i have i massive jewelry box with drawers and necklace hooks in them, 1 smaller one, a small box with some stuff in it, and a large hat box full of jewelry haha. and i just got rid of a bunch.

  3. While the idea of putting fabric on the wall and using molding to frame it is a great idea, I think your earring display looks best the way it is (or maybe just the molding). If you have a pattern behind all those different earrings it'll look really busy. But then again, I just really like the minimalist look of just the earrings on the plain wall.

    Plain fabric might look okay, though wouldn't it be easier to just get a tiny can of tester paint and paint that little area (and then add the molding) instead?

  4. I like the paint idea and would do that if I wasn't in a rental apt. I like the texture fabric gives though.

    If I went with fabric it would be very simple/solid probably for the very reasons you mentioned, April.

    The main reason I was thinking it needed something behind it was because the silver earrings dont' really stand out - but I think I'm just going to leave it alone or now.

  5. I love the idea of framing it out with molding and fabric. I would suggest a tone on tone neutral fabric so it wouldn't distract from the pattern of your earrings.

    When I ever get to organizing my jewlery, I'll let you know. ;-)

    BTW, you have some beautiful jewlery. I'm quite jealous of your collection.

  6. What a cute idea! I hang my earrings on a metal butterfly with holes in it. I think the framing idea is very cute!