Saturday, April 4, 2009

How I Get Away With Shopping Once a Month

A number of you expressed surprised after I mentioned my monthly grocery shopping trip - especially in regards to produce.

These wonders definitely fall under my "favorite things" category.

Tupperware's FridgeSmart Containers. Seriously, they're amazing. Veggies, fruits, and even potatoes last longer in these things and stay fresh!

I hosted a tupperware party last year and earned myself a set of 8 of these - and I absolutely love them. When I had a CSA last year they were so helpful! Speaking of the CSA - I waited too late to sign up this year and missed out. So, my plan is to make the weekly Saturday morning trip to a Farmer's Market in a town over - I'm hoping I will find some good deals there!

I am trying a new budget plan this month which will have me shopping every week rather than once a month - so we'll see how that goes! This week's grocery trip's "big meal" was a variety of home-made pizzas that I made with a friend for a movie night - one of them turned out FABULOUSLY! I'll get pictures and a sort-of-recipe up soon (we didn't measure - but I'll give you estimates and tell you what we did.)


  1. These look awesome! How neat! We shop once every few months :P I hate grocery shopping, although we eat way too much processed junk.

  2. I'm eagerly awaiting the pizza recipe! And the containers look fabulous. Perhaps I need to host a tupperware party.

  3. Sorry you missed out on the CSA thing. But hey maybe you'll like being able to choose what you buy this year. I've never saw those containers before. Do they come in smaller sizes? I'm not sure I'd have room to spare in my fridge for them. I guess I could try if I could find some of them.

    I too am eagerly awaiting that pizza recipe. My hubby heard me MMmming about it when you first posted about it and I think he's interested too. ;-)

  4. Melody - they come in a wide variety of sizes for all kinds of stuff.