Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Regular Posts: Coming Soon

Thanks for your input on the idea of regular posts.

The ones with the most votes were Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I can see the "memory mondays" being able to go under "friday favorites" - so I'm going to push those two together and every once in a while a Favorite Friday will be a favorite memory ;)

Wordy Wednesdays are a go - this will be fun for me and stimulating on an academic/intellectual level as I seek to actually research etymology and cultural uses of words and such rather than just thinking about it.. Self-education is always fun.

and, while it didn't get a lot of votes I'm going to do Sunday Scriptures too since I want to and it's my blog. :-D

Ok -so I need to give myself a week or so to figure out the format and get content ideas going - but - I'll get them up soon and hopefully keep up with it!


  1. I'm surprised Wednesday got so many votes - we're a bunch of geeks! :) I'm excited by that!!

  2. I haven't been on in a while... but I'm excited about the Sunday Scriptures!!!! *smiles*