Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Regular Posts: Input Requested

In the interest of trying to become a regular blogger who blogs things of substance - I'm considering trying to do 1-3 weekly "themed" entries.  Hopefully with a few regular posts I'll get my writing mind back in gear and actually have ideas for other days of the week. Of the following - which do you think you would be most interested in reading?

(ignore the silly alliteration for now - I don't really like it but it's a way for me to think of themes and set a schedule. If you have better alternate names feel free to suggest!)

Sunday Scriptures - scriptures from The Bible that have recently been meaningful to me with my reflections.

Monday Memories - my idea here comes from my love of memoir and would be a bit of "stories from my life". Creative non-fiction writing that will hopefully, at least on occassion, link to other things - - like...web pages for vacation spot memories or pictures of vintage toys I loved or whatever so that blog readers can interact a bit.

Tasty Tuesday - food. something I made. something I ate. something that I saw a picture of and it left me drooling.  The type of food entries I used to do a lot of when I had time to cook more creatively.

Wednesday Words - I'm really intersted in linguistics and connotation vs. denotation.  I spend a lot of time thinking about words and what they mean and how we use them and if there's a right or wrong there or why people think there is a right and wrong. But, i'm getting wordy. Basically - - looking at words. I've never really written much on this topic - so it would be new for me to  put into writing. But this may be an area too narrow and geeky to actually have any wide readership interest.

Thankful Thursday - Reasons why I love life - one Thursday at a time.

Favorite Fridays - I highlight something that is a favorite of mine: webpage, place, cooking tool, organization, craft item, pointless cute thing, whatever.


  1. I like the scripture one and the words one!

  2. I'm interested in Tuesdays and Thursdays!

  3. I love your blog ideas!

    Also- I'm sorry to get back to you late, but feel free to share my "puddin' n Pie" entry :)

  4. I like the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ones. :)

  5. i vote for the mondays,fridays, and thursdays and even the "wordy" wednesdays :-)

  6. Mondays and Fridays for sure...Wednesdays could be interesting. :)

  7. I like Sunday Scriptures, Wednesday Words, and Favorite Fridays.

  8. I like them all. I enjoy reading your blogs - keep writing.

  9. Look at all the lurkers coming out of the woodwork! Hi!! Nice to see you. :)

    so far the tallies:

    s - 2
    m - 3
    t - 2
    w - 5
    r - 2
    f - 4

  10. I'm particularly interested in Sunday, Thursday, and Friday.

    But having said that, you should write what YOU want to write. If you get bored or find it too difficult, you'll quit. Write what you like to write, and readers will follow.

  11. I really think they all sound exciting. I would be really interested in all of them :)