Sunday, July 26, 2009


Over a year ago I ran across the word “mashena” – I think I was looking through name websites trying to help my mother find a name for her dog or something or other. As soon as I saw this name/word though and its meaning I knew it was “my word”

Mashena is Hebrew. (And I’ve always had a fascination with all things Hebrew) It means: Welcome, stability, a place of rest.

This word has become my motto, my goal, my prayer, my hope, my purpose. It fits so perfectly into many of the interests and gifts that God has given me.

One of my favorite verses has always been the one from Micah that says, “act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly.”

I believe that is how I should live out “mashena” in my life – no matter what my life circumstances are. To seek justice (which often means refuge for the oppressed rather than judgment of the wicket – though it means that as well.), to love mercy, to provide that “welcome” and “rest”, for people. And I can do all this – I can seek to make my life one that offers stability, rest, and welcome by being humble – by understanding that I am capable of any fall and that the only reason my life does not have some of the trials we like to judge others for is of no doing or superiority of mine.

So, after a couple years of a blog called “The Single Domestic” – I’ve decided to transition to something a bit more broad. For those that have followed from that former blog – you’ll still find recipes and decor stuff here -because that is all about “welcome” and “rest” in my heart. But there will be more – things about justice and mercy and stability – whatever form that takes in my life on any given day.


  1. Just reading this post made me feel at peace. I felt comforted and invited to "join" you. Wow. I'm always amazed at how you inspire me to continue on. I'll look forward to coming to Mashena.

  2. Thanks, Melody :) That makes me happy.

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