Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Favorite Things: Lemon-Lime Press

I picked this thing up at Williams-Sonoma a month or so ago - and I love it! It makes me not dread recipes that say such things as "the juice of one lime."

You of course cut the lime in half first. Not much explanation needed for this post - just watch how amazing this thing is:

(And, that's guacamole I'm making. Yum!)
To juice a lemon you'd just flip the green part up so that the basin is a bit bigger and then put half a lemon in there and press away.
Go get one. It will make you happy.
Now I need a citrus zester. . .


  1. Rather than a citrus zester, I recommend the Microplane Zester Grater (Patent No. 5100506). Microplane is the brand name. I bought mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond in McDonough. I use for grating hard cheeses (Parmesan), fresh nutmeg, and chocolate (frozen chocolate bars for use in recipes such as your Robert Redford). It is also, as promoted, a wonderful citrus zester. Please don't quote me, but I believe it is the SAME brand and model used by none other than Alton Brown!

  2. Lauren - that's right! I made you some of this guacamole didn't I? Come back to GA and you can have some more ;-)

    Joe - it cracks me up that you gave me the patent number!

    I'll have to look for it though - I'm a big fan of multi-tasking kitchen tools.

  3. yay to fun niffty kitchen tools :)

  4. btw head over to my blog there is an award waiting for you there :)

  5. You are definately one that I see collecting all kinds of kitchen tools and then showing them to your company when they come over. LOL...it's all good though. I've never personally had a use for a press or a juicer. So this is one of the kind of things that would sit one of my lovely (tiny) kitchen drawers and take up (lots) of space.