Monday, January 4, 2010

Greek Penne and Chicken

In an effort to find something different to make for dinner tonight I went to and clicked on their "quick and easy" link and then took the first recipe from there. Greek Penne and Chicken. I modified it a bit for us - but it was quite yummy.

I did the recipe x4 (which means i had two huge pots of boiling pasta and two skillets with browning chicken all going at the same time - a bit crowded on the stove top - and one of the eyes doesn't heat as well as the others so I was switching the two chicken pans back and forth trying to get everything cooked. Fun times. Fun times. I would've stopped to take a picture of this except that I was busy shuffling pans)

I left out the artichoke hearts - simply because artichoke hearts look funny to me.

Instead of mixing the chicken and pasta together I kept it seperate and I also bought some pita bread so people could choose to have their chicken with pita or pasta.

I also kept a portion of the dish cheese-free for my lactose intolerant diners.

I thought it was good (I had it with pita). I didn't get rave reviews - but the plates were clean at the end of dinner and a number of them got seconds. Even the cheese-free portion went over well.

I think in a normal size family it would be a quick and easy dinner - - around here nothing is quick and easy cooking for 12 though so I can't really comment on that.

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  1. Don't know how this entry escaped me...sorry. The dish sounds yummy. Empty plates have to speak for something. I'm sure cooking for 12 is difficult. I used to cook for a large group many years ago in my first girls youth ministry. I have fond memories of doing the pot and pan shuffle on a small stove. I had a helper so that made life easier. Do any of the girls ever help you cook? I'm sure you could teach them some valuable skills.