Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We have the ability

I have not written up my Bible readings as often as I intended to do so. Summer has proved busy. I've gotten into the habit of almost always having my Bible with me so that I can read a few pages in the quiet moments I can steal in the midst of my busy life - but that doesn't allow much time for writing and reflection. But, after what seems like non-stop work days and a wonderful visit with a friend in between those - I finally have a day off with no plans.

In Isaiah 30 something stood out to me. I always feel the need to clarify that I am not offering up any scholarly critique or opinion of these passages. That I haven't done much (if any) research on the cultural/historical/language of origin and the implication therein for these passages. I'm simply talking about how the passage speaks to me in this moment. I think that's part of the beauty of scripture. I remember during college a Sunday school teacher talked about how the Jewish people viewed scripture as a prism - - and that every way you turned it it reflected the light in a different way. So - this is just one of the ways the light reflected to me.

" 1 "Ah, stubborn children," declares the LORD, "who carry out a plan, but not mine,and who make an alliance, but not of my Spirit,
that they may add sin to sin;
2 who set out to go down to Egypt,
without asking for my direction,"

What stuck out to me here is what the Israelites did do - not what they didn't do. It's not that they did not have the ability to carry out plans, or to make alliances, or to complete a journey - - they did all those things - - they just didn't do it the right way.

Sometimes I feel like my mindset is that I don't know how to plan my life in a way that is honoring to God - - in a "I don't know what the right path is" way - - that I don't have the ability to really, 100% partner with the truth of the Spriit that dwells in me. That I don't have the ability to know the path I'm suppose to take. But the truth is - - I do. I regularly make plans for my life and follow through with them. I follow the directions of life - implied or explicit. I uphold the values (I form an alliance) with various people and organizations - -my family/friends, my employer, my own personal beliefs. No - not always perfectly. But I have the ability to do that. Therefore it makes sense that I have the ability to seek out and follow the direction of God.

It seems so simple typing that up - - but it's so easy to act confused about the plans, directions, and will of God. The older I get the more convinced I am that there is not a specific road map for our lives that God has locked away somewhere but that an honest and seeking heart will find a path that is blessed. I think that's the "pray without ceasing," "do not quench the Spirit" part of this faith - -that's the alliance with the Spirit

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