Monday, July 19, 2010

11 Years and Peace is still Amazing

I'm a day late on this - but I guess you'll just have to deal with that. :)

Eleven years ago I became a Christian. It was at one of those big youth camps. There were a few hundred teenagers in a chapel on a college campus. It was the first night of camp and I certainly wasn't expecting it. I do remember so vividly the feeling of peace that literally just filled my mind after I finally admitted that despite being a church-goer and involved in all the things of the church for years - I never really trusted that Jesus alone was my salvation.

I am happy to report that eleven years later I wasn't just another youth-camp "high" - - that while the eleven years between 16 and 27 have been filled with life and all it's up and downs and there have been moments and days and years where I was walking in the Spirit and times just as long when I have not - - that today - eleven years(and one day) later - my Prince of Peace is still a vital part of my life.

Just yesterday I asked a friend to remind me should I ever again start living like I forget - that peace is worth fighting for. What I mean by that is that the struggle against self (no matter how good-intentioned those self-serving acts are) is always worth the fight if the prize in the end is a step closer to being one with the Spirit.


  1. Happy anniversary? or Birthday. LOL. I'm not sure which would be more correct here. Either way, yay :)

  2. How awesome! He never fails!