Friday, August 6, 2010

Review: Organix Shampoo

At Least The Bottle Is Cute
A few months ago when I was shopping for shampoo I spotted the organix brand and thought I'd give it a try. It smelled nice, the bottle was cute, and less chemicals down the shower drain is always good, right?

Well, as the months wore on through my first mid-west summer I noticed that my hair was extra oily and that it was growing super fast.  Also - the shampoo smell did not transfer to my hair :(. That's why you buy shampoo based on smell - so your hair will smell like that! My hair was constantly in a clip because it would get oily by the end of the day even if I washed it that morning. I'm a little slow so I blamed it on new weather for my hair - even though that didnt' really make sense given that I came from the hot and humid south.

It wasn't until about a week ago that I realized it was that organic shampoo - the chemicals may not be good for the shower drain - but they do wonders for my hair.  However, the organic shampoo did make my hair grow very fast - so I didn't throw away the stuff - it's on the shelf in case I ever decide I'm ready for longer hair and I'll whip it out and deal with oily hair again for a few weeks. Until then, I'll get my organic fruit from the produce section and let my shampoo (and hair) enjoy the chemicals.

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  1. LOL, when I saw your tweet about this, I was going to suggest trying this brand. It's the brand that I use, but not the same smell/flavor. I use the Peppermint Tea Tree. I've never had any problems with it making my hair oily, but it does make my hair grow fast too. (Of course, my hair grows fast anyway.)