Wednesday, May 30, 2012


One of my favorite things about living in Chicagoland is by far Lake Michigan. I'm blessed to live close enough that a stroll to the beach is an easy thing to do. Swim season has begun and I've enjoyed my time in the sun and sand, soaking up these last couple of months of beautiful Chicago before I move to Pennsylvania in the fall.

I know poetry isn't everyone's cup of tea, but sometimes I enjoy scribbling out lines of poetry rather than prose and I did just that when I returned from the beach the other day. I thought I would share it here.

my body moves
with the tides
and the waves
even while I arch
my arms over my head,
propelling forward
direction -
against the current.

I look out
at the never ending water,
the vastness,
and yet
there is another
where perhaps
another woman
looks my way

I bend, stretch, dive.
Lean back and let my body
with my face
to the sun.

I am
a million miles
above the surface
of the earth.
a kick down
is all it takes
to find myself
to the sandy floor.

The heavy weight
of the water
that supported me,
allowed me to move
now gives me resistance
as I walk to the shore.

The sun shines,
the breeze blows,
the sand beneath
my towel is the perfect
contoured bed,
to my every curve.

Gulls call
waves crash.
My body absorbs
the rays, converting the light
to nutrients.

I praise the God of Creation.

The water
for beauty and play and more.

The sun
for warmth and nutrients and light.

My body
for it's strength and grace and function.

I feel the ebbs and flows
of the Spirit
as tides pull
and waves crash over my head.
Feel the vastness
of the questions,
and the connections
of the distant shores.

Give thanks
for days
of sun and water.
For the gift
of relaxing on the sand.
For reminders
that the Holy Spirit
is ever present,
speaking in still small voices
and whispers of creation.


  1. your gift in writing is evident! enjoyed the post and could sense you enjoyed the lake shore!