Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Voice Has Always Been Strong

standing on shaky legs
my childish
voice spoke
into the microphone,
words echoing
through the auditorium.

my voice
was clear,
I was told -
though sometimes hurried,
the criticism goes.

I should be on radio
to speak my clear
across invisible waves

a professor, a poet,
commented on the power
of my voice -
the literary,
written Voice.
a compliment buried
in notes about needing
to elaborate,
dig deeper,
unpack meaning.

my voice has always been strong

and yet I feel the words catch
at the back of my throat,
lack the power to push through
my lips or find their ways
out of my fingers
when it is
or passion.

rhythmic strength
and control
have no rules
for these reckless things

1 comment:

  1. you have such a gift with words, nicole. your writings have been so inspiring. reading your stories and your insights is such a blessing and yes, your voice is strong.

    coloring outside the lines does not lessen the beauty of the art or the artist (though in my worldy, conforming way i have been guilty of thinking so in the past). to bad we so often hold others to perceived standards of "excellence".

    perhaps you'll discover new "rules" which will, in turn, allow struggling voices to be heard. though fear, anger or passion can be difficult at times, God may have a plan to bring them out that will ultimately bring healing as well as hope and ultimately glory to Him. (then again, maybe you meant they need to be suppressed for their lack of beauty?) God's best, nicole, always! love you!