Sunday, August 5, 2012

Small Spaces

A blog I have recently started reading, Crimson to Wool, hosts a weekly link up on "small spaces" in our homes that remind us of the blessings of God. I love the idea. So, I plan to participate often. This space is no longer constructed in myhomee as everything I own is in either a suitcase or box, but for the last few years it was a moment in my room I loved.

This little space is full of memories!

The small wooden box is myrtle wood and I purchased it in Oregon when I spent a summer there. That summer was a blessing in that I learned a lot about the church that summer.

The bird is from an arrangement that was at the funeral home when my granddaddy died. My grandfather died when I was young and his playfulness, patience, love of nature, and kindness are brought to mind when I see that bird.

The top book is an old English grammar book that belonged to my grandmother - another memory of my heritage.

And, the jar. There are very few things I collect, but clear wire-hinged ball jars are one of them. They are easily found online, but I love the hunt of finding them tucked away in an antique store, noticing the mark/year, and imagining what it's held And who has held it in it's long life. They're useful too - craft supplies, office supplies, coins, cotton balls, clean it out and use it for food. Simple joys and beauty!

See other small spaces and share your own at Crimson to Wool!

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