Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello, October

Life has flown by this past month. My days are full - mostly of open books and highlighters and fingers typing away as black text fills a white screen.

There was that beautiful Saturday where a few of us traveled to a local park and explored some history. Then we found the other side of a tiny little hill and spread our blankets on the grass. The books and the highlighters were with us, but the sky was blue, the sun was warm, and the breeze was refreshing.

There was the through-the-night drive to stand by my friend as she wed. I was oh-so-tired, but the drive back was filled with the sounds of their wedding CD, smiles on our faces, and toenails painted royal purple.

There have been the customers at my new part time job - the ones who come in often and wander the aisles full of things that no one really needs. I battle with my participation in this blatant materialism, but then, as I am unpacking fall plates and Christmas (yes, already) ornaments a customer stops and tells me about their life. Most of these have faces full of wrinkles and they tell me of friends long gone and childhood memories of their pets and families. They talk and talk and talk. I smile, respond occasionally, excuse myself here and there to ring up another customer. I am learning about listening and find myself thankful for the opportunity.

There are few few sidewalks and even fewer pedestrians. The familiar rhythm of footsteps and bicycle wheels that I so loved in Chicago is foreign here in my new suburban town. My walk to work consists of cutting through a large parking lot and then walking two "blocks" on the wide shoulder of a road before I find sidewalk.

There is the new community that is slowly taking shape. Neighbors who deliver cookies. Shared half-price appetizers after class. Generous, glad-hearted, and self-sacrificial offers to help out each other.

There has been church-hunting. Less-than-enthusiastic at times. There has been the ache of missing what I know is possible in The Bride of Christ. There is hope for what is yet to be discovered.

And all of this does not even mention the classes. The ones that still remind me I am not driftwood. This does not mention how blessed I feel to be able to participate with others who are working for justice and understanding what Jesus meant when he said to love your enemies and turn the other cheek. This month was great. I am looking forward still to the coming couple of years.

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