Friday, February 1, 2013

What I'm into: January


Growing Greener Cities: Urban Sustainability in the 21st Century

Most of my spring semester classes didn't start until this past Monday, but one did start a few weeks ago. This class is on Urban planning and policy analysis and I am mostly fascinated by it. Really enjoying the book listed above and some of the other reading for the class.

Between finishing up a visit home the first  of the month and working extra hours to buffer the checking account for the busy semester, I didn't have time to read much of anything else in January!  February will have much more reading! ,


Downton Abbey is back!  I do love that show. Thanks to the fact that I watch it online after the fact, I'm having to stay away from twitter on Sunday evenings.

And, also:

That scene literally had me crying. For those who know me and my lack of functioning tear ducts, this will surprise you.  It was a beautiful, beautiful scene. If you don't watch Parenthood, you should.

In the Kitchen:

My love of butternut squash continues.

This recipe for vegan Curried Lentil and Butternut Squash stew was SO GOOD.  It was not very pretty when I made it, but it tasted good. I took it to work for lunch the next day and my boss demanded the recipe as soon as she caught the smell.  (In fair disclosure: my roommate said it smelled like I dumped a jar of applesauce into french onion soup, but she didn't taste it to give a taste judgment, so make your own opinions.)

Butternut Squash and Crispy Sage Pizza

That's the one I made. I'd like to try to get the squash to crisp/blacken up some more, but it was quite yummy!  The leftovers reheated well also (in the oven, not the microwave.)

Picture that I inexplicably love (that I'm sneaking from December)

Hanging out with my nephew

Company I discovered:

Trade As One's "Change for Good" subscription: Learn More

Basically - it appears to be a non-perishable, fair-trade version of a CSA share. I LOVED having a CSA years ago where I had a weekly allotment of fresh-from-a-local-garden vegetables and such to use to cook. Trad As One makes a seasonable box of food and other items and ships it to you. The subscription price seems reasonable for what you get! (It's a bit out of grad-school budget still, but I'm hoping it will still be around when I'm a regular adult again.)  If anyone signs up and gets the boxes - let me know what you think!

For February:

 I'll be there! Anyone else?

I am seriously excited about my classes (mostly. ;) ).   I'm taking one on Global South Theologies and Policies  - and am already appreciating the reading for that.

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  1. The Trade as One subscription sounds fascinating. I'm going to look into it.

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