Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's always my turn to do the dishes

So I have decided that while I like my blog title "The Single Domestic" - that I am going to stop trying to make everything fit into the "single" part - - and I will simply write about the much-loved domestic side of my life (which may or may not be different from my co-habitating counterparts)

With that said - I really hate sometimes that's there is no one else for me to say to: "It's your turn to do the dishes/laundry/scoop the cat litter!"

When there are weeks like this week it would be nice to be able to tell someone else, "I really need your help." As it is though - I just make the easily-visible things presentable and apologize to my guests for any errors. I have a group at my apartment every Monday night. The first week everything was freshly fluffed and cleaned and there was a variety of appetizers arranged in an aesthetic spread on the table. The coffee was brewing, coasters were neatly positioned near all the seating areas, the candles had lightly scented the room, the room was bathed in sunlight from the open windows, and any room was up for showing on a quick tour. Last Monday - I got back from work 30 minutes before the guests arrived. The windows were open. There was one appetizer on the table. I shut my bedroom door. The coasters were still stacked in one area and a couple of dishes still sat dirty in the sink.

It's not like anyone cared - - but it was not up to my standards.

So - I think it's time for me to set myself up a schedule of sorts. You know - "Monday: Vacuum; Tuesday: mop; Wednesday: bathrooms." That sort of thing - perhaps then I'll actually accomplish things during the 4 waking hours I spend at home each day.

This is not a very entertaining post - but I wanted to post something. I have plans to work on my dining room decor in a couple of weeks and am hoping to do a step-by-step picture documentation for those of you also interested in the decor side of domesticity (my obsession!) - so hopefully that post will be more fun.

My brother dd not approve of my questions in my last post - - so I am going to keep the teacher side of me in check and not ask you questions about your reading.


  1. I really need a schedule for myself as well. I tend to keep everything clean, well at least not junky or too dirty, all the time, but I need to do the real cleaning more often.

  2. I tried the "one or two chores a day" thing and it totally flopped. But I know for some it really works...so I hope it does for you!

    I find the best for me is to devote one day a week to really getting the whole place clean. But that's from 9 or 10 am until it gets done, usually around dinner time.

    So with only four hours awake at home that won't work for you. ;)

  3. My kids don't do much housework. I feel guilty giving them too much to do since they have so much going on. They are only home and awake for about a half an hour each evening.