Sunday, October 26, 2008

I need your help! Meatballs

A friend from college is getting married on Saturday and is doing a pot-luck style reception. (Which I love the idea of - so if I ever turn out to be the not-so-single domestic get your favorite recipes ready!) Anyway. Problem. Aside from the time when I was about 12 and spent HOURS preparing a meal from Kirsten's cookbook complete with sweedish meatballs - I've never made meatballs. (And I'm not making those due to the whole hours in the kitchen thing.)

I'm thinking I'm going to go with the frozen meatballs and just make my own sauce and dump it all in the crock pot because I don't have time to actually make meatballs this week and the wedding is an hour and a half away from me.

So - I need meatball sauce recipes! I've heard there is something as simple as BBQ sauce and grape jelly - but, really? Is that any good? Is it "normal" good or "I'm at a wedding the food should be special" good?


  1. Actually- It's chili sauce and grape jelly- and beware they are ADDICTING!

    p.s. in case you didn't know- I'm God'sgrace for bloop! =)

  2. I had a friend who swore by ketchup and Pepsi, of all things, as a meatball sauce. They were surprisingly good meatbals.

  3. This may be the Italian in me, but frozen meatball suck donkey butt. Seriously. Screw making your own sauce because the jars on the grocery aisle are decent, but bite the bullet and make your own meatballs! Without giving away family secrets, here's the basic recipe (adjust based on amount of meat):

    In a mixing bowl combine:
    1/4 - 1/3 cup bread crumbs
    Equivalent amount of water

    Mix thoroughly with fingers, then add:

    1 lb ground beef
    1 egg
    Seasoning to your discretion.

    Mix thoroughly with fingers/hands. Think kneading. This is a bit disgusting. Once the mixture is consistent, roll golfball-sized clumps between your hands. Place balls on a plate.

    Now you're ready to cook! This can be done a few ways, whichever you think best. I've boiled them in water, grilled them, and fried them in oil. If you grill or fry, don't roll them around. Flip the balls like anything else you might grill/fry. They will fall apart if you try to roll them!

    The meatballs can be combined with sauce now or stored separately and later heated up together. But trust me on the meatballs.

  4. I like frozen meatballs....anyway I don't know too much about meatball sauce but my father-in-law uses grape jelly and mustard to make a sauce for little cocktail sausages. It's really good, and would be good w/ meatballs, or at least I think so. Good luck and have fun!