Monday, March 2, 2009

Herbed Potato Soup ($1.35 per serving)

Here is my first attempt at figuring out the cost of a meal! I'm figuring it out based on the amount of an ingredient I use. So - if you went to the grocery store and bought everything it would cost more because you'd most likely have to buy "extra" of some of the staple ingredients.


We had a lovely rare Georgia snow here last weekend and I decided it was the perfect time to make some soup! Here's what I did:

I peeled and sliced two potatoes and cooked them over medium heat in 2 cups of chicken broth.

Meanwhile, I sauteed 1/2 of an onion, chopped, in a 1/4 cup of butter over medium heat in a medium saucepan. After the onion was tender I threw in 1 tsp minced garlic and cooked until fragrant. Then, added 1/4 cup of flour and a tsp each of crushed rosemary, salt, and thyme along with a 1/4 tsp of pepper. I then gradually stirred in 1 1/2 cups of milk and stirred often over medium-high heat until the mixture boiled. I let it boil for two minutes.

By this point the potatoes were tender. I used a potato masher to slightly mash the potatoes (in the chicken broth)

I then poured the potatoes and broth into the flour/milk/spice mixture and stirred well. Let it cook there for just a couple more minutes and then you're good to go!

I included a bit of cheese and bacon on top which is not included in the price breakdown.

Cost Breakdown (rounded)
2 potatoes 2.00
1.5 cup milk (organic price) 1.25
¼ cup butter .25
½ onion .35
1 Tsp minced garlic .20
¼ cup flour .05
Various spices .50 (estimate)
2 cups chicken broth 1.25

Total: $5.40 - - - makes 4 servings, so $1.35 per serving

I'd never made potato soup before - but I was pleasantly surprised with this! Very creamy and very easy. (And cheap I discovered while breaking down the price.)

And then after your insides are all warm with potato soup you should go outside and make an odd looking snowman.


  1. Sounds good...but do you think it'd taste okay if the onion was left out (or with minimal onion powder put in instead)?

    My husband and I are not fans of onions. :/

  2. I'm sure it'll still be fine!

  3. I have all the ingredients for this.. think I might make it this week. We're living on beans, rice, potatoes and oatmeal right now, so this would be a good addition, lol.

  4. Yum! These is neat and inexpensive. I might have to make that for Franklin next week.

  5. Another question...

    What's the best way to mince garlic? I try to sliced them like mini french fries, then cut into tiny cubes, then randomly slicing the cubes for a while until I can't seem to get them smaller. But this process takes a long time. Is there a more efficient way?

    I don't have a food processor. :/

  6. I just go at it with a butcher's knife like you described.. It doesn't have to be super small. You can buy jarred minced garlic at the store as well.