Friday, February 27, 2009

Money and Recipes

Would you be interested in seeing me break down a monthly grocery budget and shopping list and/or list the "price per meal" here? It's something I've thought might be interesting/helpful to my readers - but I'm not going to take the time to get it blog-ready if no one else wants to see it. :)

Speaking of monthly menus and such - I was flipping through some of my old cookbooks (see picture) and found a few new recipes that I'll be trying. (A number from my French cookbook - I'm excited!)

However, in my Italian cookbook I found one that I most certainly will NOT be trying:

eek! (If you click you can see a larger image - or - I'll just tell you what the first ingredient is: brains. "Yes, Mr. Butcher of my suburban grocery store, I would like 1/2 lb of brains please. Preferably smart ones. If you have ever cooked brains I DON'T want to know about it.)

It reminded me a bit of the bone marrow incident in Julie and Julia a funny true story about a woman who cooks her way through a cookbook one year. (And, my google search for the Amazon link just revealed that they're releasing the film version of this in August! I hope it's good. The book was fun :) )

My recipe hunt did turn up some interesting options though. I made fried rice for the first time and rescued a not-so-great chicken recipe by mixing the chicken into the fried rice. The fried rice came from my "Cooking On Wheels" cookbook which makes me smile because it's geared for the RV wife of 1970.

There is also a recipe called "Chicken Marengo" which just sounds fun. I think I'll need to invite people over and serve it with a rose between my teeth and a little flip of my leg when I arrive at the table with the platter. I love that this particular recipe book (the French one you see pictured) has stories about how the recipes were created. If any of them turn out any good I'll share the story along with the recipe. There is also a Tamale Casserole and a Lemon Souffle lined up for me this month. (Pending approval of my "I need to buy a car" grocery budget. You may end up with "31 ways to make Salmon Patties" as reading material.)

Let me know if you'd be interested in the pricing thing! Only tell me if you really care so I don't go to the trouble for no good reason!


  1. I'm interested in a budget break down, as is ringsandcoffee, who left a comment on your syndicated journal saying so. :)

  2. I think a budget breakdown would be cool. Since I think you shop probably similarly to Franklin and I because you aren't usually feeding a family. I find it frustrating and expensive to make fun meals that we have time to eat because of our schedules.

  3. Yep I'd be interested in seeing the budget breakdown.