Friday, September 3, 2010

Living Vicariously

Over the years of surfing the blogworld I've found a number of blogs that show me a life experience that I had never considered before - I think that's my favorite part of reading blogs - living vicariously through the lives of others. 

One of my most recent blog "genres" that has fascinated my nomadic-inclined mine is blogs about RV life. Not just RV vacationing - but RV dwelling.  Way back whenever (1996  according to IMDB) I remember watching the show Promised Land (a spin-off of Touched By An Angel) and thinking their life was pretty cool - - but I do not recall the show portraying RV dwelling having much of a community so I never considered it. I get the impression of community from these blogs - and as much as I am introvert with a strong dose of wanderlust - - I really do love community too. 

I stumbled upon the blog  The Happy Jansens about a year ago I guess  -- a family of four living in an RV full time - travelling the world, working from "home" - and blogging about it all. (And taking pretty pictures of it all ;-) )  

From there I just started clicking through other bloggers they had listed or people who commented and found these other two RV blogs that I really enjoy reading:

The Ticknor Tribe - this blog combines my love of a big family with my new RV fascination. They have 13 people, 13, living in the RV.   Here is the fascinating post on how they make that work.

Living In My Car - a woman travelling solo. She drove all the way from Texas to the arctic circle.  If I wasn't so terrified of having to park and maneuver a RV - - I'd totally start plotting my own such adventure. But, alas, I need a driver for my RV journey if it's to be relaxing at all!  I really enjoy her self-reflection that she includes in many of her posts.

So those are a few of my favorite blogs - as I tend to lurk more than I comment on them -- I hope I didn't freak any of the previous mentioned bloggers out by talking about them. :) haha.


  1. I've always been curiously drawn to RV life. I find the idea of such a lifestyle so captivating, yet at the same time I have never been quite able to understand how people make it work. I will be checking out these blogs :) Thanks!

  2. Sam's family did this for awhile.. not nearly to the extent of these bloggers, I'm sure, but a distinctive enough time that he and his brother were homeschooled doing it.. I think a few years, but with some random time off in between.

  3. I have always thought that would be pretty cool, but I'm not sure how fast I'd get sick of it. Franklin and I had originally planned to travel the entire US after we graduated but we didn't end up getting to because we didn't end up being teachers :P. One day though.

  4. Thank you for mentioning my blog. If you ever want to learn anything about RVs, please ask me! ;)

  5. Hi Jennifer :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. If I ever get up the guts to go solo-RV I will certainly come to you with questions!

  6. This is so funny that you mention this. I have visited Sara's food blog (Sara from The Happy Janssens) off and on and just happened to see her and her family while she was hooping in a local park a couple weeks ago. Actually I think she has photos of it on her blog. It was so crazy looking across the park and recognizing someone you have only seen from photos and smoothie-demonstration videos! LOL