Sunday, October 3, 2010

God is at work

This morning after church there were five people baptized. Each of these new believers spoke before being baptized and told how God had worked in their life and brought them to salvation.

As I listen to the stories I was encouraged by the fact that God IS at work.  That despite the fact that we live in a society full of relativism, universalism, and the idea that to share our faith with someone is pushy and egotistical - that God is still at work.

Included in the testimonies of these people were simple things - - - a stranger inviting them to church during a "back to campus" event at college, a non-Christian mother reading her son simple bedtime stories out of a kids book called "Stories from the Bible", a church - with open doors and invitation for anyone to come in to pray, and of course people in their lives who spoke the name of Jesus and the message of the Gospel.

In our modern world with all of our great ideas about life here and in eternity - - people still see their need and choose to follow a Holy God and a risen Savior.


  1. Praise be to God! :)

  2. GREAT news! it's a good reminder and good to be told of how he's at work. i need that encouragement! thanks for sharing.

  3. I love that. :) RCIA, the classes for anyone who wishes to join the Catholic Church, just started up again last week and it was incredible seeing all the faces in the room with each one sharing their story of how they had arrived there. It always moves me so know that despite all the flaws in us, in Christianity, in the Church...God still works on the human hearts and accomplishes His will.