Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recent Craftiness

I've been having a lot of fun being creative the past few months. I signed up for a pottery class and should hopefully be getting back my first glazed piece this week - there are a few other things in the drying/firing process - so we'll see if they survive :)

Here are a few pottery pieces pre-kiln stage:

A small vase and the beginning of a large coffee mug

This is a pitcher - - I've got a bad habit of making the base too thick - but if it's not too heavy when it's done it can actually be used for a pitcher. If it's too heavy to make use of the handle - then a decorative vase. It spent the past week drying - so it'll go in the kiln this week.

I also got tired of trying to find a Hobo style cross-the-body purse that fit over my plus size body - so I made one. There is a large fabric store not to far from me so I spent a Saturday morning browsing the patterns and choosing fabric and then most of the rest of the day working on the purse. I got it mostly done that day but had to finish the strap later. It has a number of imperfections, but it's functional and I like it :)  I can see myself making another one now that I know what I'm doing. I used clearance fabric for this one - next time I'll probably try a pattern that is more me for the outside.

Floral Fabric for lining, tan/gold for the outside

The lining before it was put into the purse.

Inside the finished purse

Love having a hands-free bag!

The strap ended up a bit too long - so I'll need to cut out part of it and re-sew. An easy fix thanks to the seam being at the top of the strap. At the moment it's just knotted up a bit - and it may stay that way for a while quite honestly.

And, lastly, I kind of stumbled upon the fact that I enjoy making paper collage/pictures/murals/mosaics. I've made a couple for other people as sort of a greeting card - so I decided to see if I could just create a scene. For the cards for others I used Bible verses as inspiration - so I went to the same place for this. It started out as an idea to show some kind of "shelter" as seen in Psalm 91 - - I couldn't figure out how to do a cave out of paper - so I put in a tent - - and the rest just kind of came. I don't really like how the leaves or stars turned out and the ground needs something at the base of the trees/under the tent - but it was a relaxing way to spend some time :)


  1. I'm loving all of your craftiness!! I can't wait to see your first piece of glazed pottery. You did an awesome job on your purse. That's on my list of things I want to make. :)

  2. Fun! I want to make a purse! Or get one for Christmas. :)

  3. I love it all, especially the tent and campfire, I love camping stuff.

    I still want the sweater you're wearing.. i've seen it on you before and still want it now haha.

  4. Adrian - thanks! I'm so excited to see how the glazing turned out at class on Tuesday!

    Anna - haha. nice hint ;)

    Lauren - I remember you commenting on the sweater before - it's one of my faves and has lasted quite a few years with me still wearing it often. Glad you like the camping scene!

  5. Nice! I like seeing the fruits of your labor. :)

  6. Really cool -- I love seeing what other crafty things people are doing! My goal is to make a simple purse/bag, maybe from an Amy Butler pattern.