Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photo Dump

A few blog posts that have been in various stages of drafts over the past number of weeks that will hopefully be coming to you soon:

  • A few of my favorite things: I'm Going To Be An Aunt Edition. Brought to you by hours of clicking "add to favorites" on etsy. 
  • Breaking Fashion Rules. Because I like to pretend like I'm a rebel and fashion rules are good ones to break.
  • A Decade Ago: Thoughts on hitting that 10 Years since High School mark in life.
  • Thankful Lists. I promise I'm thankful. I'm just a bad blogger.

But for now, you get an assortment of random pictures that I found on my camera:

I knew better, but I thought I would see if canned sweet tea was worth it for 79 cents. It was not. Brew your own.

Canned tea is not southern tea

I wore a very bright pink dress the other day and took a very blurry picture of it. It's better than the pic I took where I have no head though. I post it because I like the dress. :)

Pretty Blurry 'n Pink

I made some super simple cards:

Hello Balloon Card

Sewing Card

Quote Card

We had quite a few days of really hot weather (at times followed by days in which I grabbed a jacket. I love Chicago.) I enjoyed the feel of the grass on the warm days though.

Walkin' On Sunshine

I bought glasses to wear in public for the first time in 12 years:

Four Eyes

There are a number of these old-fashioned signs around Chicago. Finally took a quick picture of one. Need to do more and better photos.


And am well stocked for summer reading:

To Read


  1. HMMMM There are some books on that pile that I am not familiar with.. that isn't right.. waiter rant, locavore way, homemade life & milk-free kitchen.

    I like the bright pink!

    AND the cards are super cute, the first two are my faves.

  2. so why do you want to live dairy free? just curious. i drink lactoid milk because i'm sensitive to milk now, but i don't really avoid dairy in anything else.

    also, i will skip the homemade life book as it mentions cancer :P

    locavore way seems kinda cool.

    the waiter rant one is interesting.. i do tip, but i really have a philosophical hatred of assumed tipping. haha. just saying.

  3. I like your dress.
    I like your glasses.
    I like your feet on the grass.
    I haven't heard of any of those books.
    And I'm excited for you to blog more.

  4. I have the milk-free book because I'm developing lactose sensitivities, kids at work are intolerant/sensitive, and I like to broaden my repertoire of yummy allergy-friendly cooking!

    the waiter rant book is one of those "I used to be a blog" books. It has some amusing and/or interesting points.

  5. What happened to us? We both used to blog a lot more (you definitely still blog more than I do)...

    I'm thinking about picking up blogging again since I have a huge to-do list I've made for before the baby comes (in two months!), most of it involving organizing my home. And accountability helps me get stuff done.

    Too boring, you think? If no one else is interested I know the posts will trail off and stop altogether eventually. I'm just not a good blogger without comments/knowing people read what I write.

  6. Ooooh, 2 people I know (who don't know each other) were raving about The Help.