Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Puppy Dog Tails

My younger brother and his wife are expecting their first child in September - a boy! This little bundle of joy will also be the child who makes me an aunt.

I'm ecstatic. And, as such, have been hunting Etsy and other places and favoriting a number of things. I obviously won't be able to purchase all of these things. (Nor would the baby or parents to-be have need or desire for all of them.) So, on the presumption that I have a number of friends who like to ooh-and-awe over baby and young child things whether you have a tiny human in your life or not - -I present a treasury of Baby/Toddler/Little Boy Cuteness! (Plus, some of my facebook friends flat out asked me to tell them what I favorited. Twist my arm!) I'm including things from etsy and elsewhere around the web!

(And just because it seems the thing to do to make these disclaimers: I don't know any of these sellers nor do I get anything from them for "advertising" here. I just like the stuff!)

1. Onesie Sticker Photo-Props. I love these little month markers you can use for your home photo shoots by Lil Baby Bumblebee . Just stick them on a onesie and voila! personalized age outfit. There are a variety of sticker designs for little boys (and girls). I love the transportation ones pictured and the ties are super cute as well.

2. Locavore Baby Onesies from  Earthy green and red with "Produced Locally" and "All Natural" printed on the front. It makes my hippie side giggle.

3. Off-road wood cars. These rugged vehicles and landscapes are made by Smiling Tree Toys. I'm a sucker for basic, plain, wood toys.

4. Click. You just said, "rawr!" out-loud didn't you? Mhm. Me too. A cute little dinosaur onesie from Rock River Tees.

5..Baby Cowboy Boots.  From Puddin' Toes. Pretty much impossible not to awwwww at that.

6. Custom Birth Announcement Art  There's something about the spelling out of "eight-o-nine in the evening" that makes me love this.  From Invite Me Designs.

7. Houndstooth on a Baby.  I think this is more in line with my style than the style of my nephew's parents - - but what an adorable hat and shoe set!  By Pink 2 Blue

8. I really like these graphic animal prints as they seem they would transition well from baby-boy to little-boy room. From  N. Eve Designs

9. Felted Tool Set. I really do love this. It's ages 3 and up though so I'll just have to wait. From Uncommon Goods.

10. A variety of socks: Baby Tube Socks, Shoe Socks, Puppet Socks, and Oxford Socks . All from Uncommon Goods.

Feel free to share any of your favorite baby/toddler/little-boy things :)


  1. So much cuteness!!! Thanks for sharing! (And ack! I'm totally starting to get baby fever lately...)

  2. such fun looking at all those! and, of course, i had the loud "rawr" and the "awww"'s. i especially like the cowboy boots, maybe cause mike had his :)

    i saw some socks recently that were similar to those oxford ones, but they were tennis shoes! cute!

    so many interesting, fun things!

  3. I love the dinosaur one!! I'd totally buy that. And I like the onesies from uncommon goods.

  4. The hat in number 7 and the Oxford shoe-socks are my favorites! So cute. <3

  5. So cute! You know what's funny? I actually called my blog about my son "Puppy Dog Tails" at first. Lol!

  6. I love the "naturally produced" onesie! I'm hoping our next baby is a boy :)