Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oh, Victory

Tonight I had the chance to participate in an election day communion.  Of the people I knew in the room I counted at least seven different Christian denominations.

A prayer opened in a language that was not mine - I could pick out a few words here and there - and I reminded myself of what it meant to be one in spirit.

There was liturgy - a concept I love but still mostly unknown for me. I called back the prescribed words with the rest of the congregation. Loving the one voice.

There was the bread. And the cup. And the murmured "his body, broken for you" spoken from a woman in robes as I tore of a chunk and dunked it into a goblet and heard, "his blood, shed for you." And all of those various people from various traditions did the same.  One body, one blood. One Body.

And we closed with a familiar song to me. For it was the song that we closed almost every service with in the church in which I grew up. I sang loud - Oh, Victory in Jesus! My Savior forever and lifted my hands. As a child the whole sanctuary would grab hands on "oh!" and by "Victory" there was a chain of arms lifted high into the air - creating together a sea of "Vs" with our arms.

Tonight and every night, there is indeed Victory in Jesus - our Savior forever.

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