Sunday, December 2, 2012

magazine covers

I'm checking out at the grocery store this morning and glance at the magazines. I see all the standard covers, and then smile a bit when I see Melissa McCarthy on the cover of one. Hearts and flowers and love for Body Diversity acceptance!  I was all prepared to deconstruct why "why she's so confident" is a cover story in our culture - but was mostly happy about it. Then I glanced at the rest of the cover features and the hearts and flowers went "poof!" to be replaced by that little red face with steam coming out of its ears.  

I thought, "Surely there are various people who have to approve these things? Did none of them catch the awful irony?  Or maybe they did and didn't care..because body acceptance is just a nice feel-good story, not something that sells advertising dollars.  I don't know which scenario makes me sadder."

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