Monday, May 5, 2008

Carrot Cake

About the only notable thing that happened as a result of my first box was a carrot cake. I am just not a southern cook - - I don't know what to do with all those green leafy things! Part of the problem is I am a Crazy Busy Working Woman who does not have a ton of time to go to the store to get the supplementary ingredients for all the yummy sounding recipes. And, I put the greens in the fridge because the box said "refrigerate" - - but then when I took them out they looked funny - so I left them out for a bit - - and they looked even funnier. So. No greens this week. Next week I'm promised more greens - and since the grocery store is right next to the CSA pick-up I'm going to head straight there and get those supplementary ingredients and try to make something other than cake this week.

The carrot cake turned out quite well though. The last time I made carrot cake I was in college and didn't have a grater so my roommate and I cut up the carrots into very small pieces using a knife - it was interesting. My mother took pity on us and bought us a grater after hearing that story. I think with the small size of carrots - I prefer a food processor to grate them - but my grater worked.

I'm looking forward to summer when I'll have some time to really dig into the boxes each week and turn out some new recipes. For now though, nothing too exciting to report.


  1. I've never had homemade carrot cake, just store bought, but I love it.

    And that sounds like my college existence... everything was figure it out with what you have.. hehe.

    And band camp.. okay, this one time, at band camp, (i had to say it that way), my friend and i were trying to eat ravioli and we didn't have anything to open it with or forks or anything, so we found one of the directors and got him to open them with pocket knives and then we ate them with our fingers!

  2. Carrot cake sounds amazing...and I've never had homemade either. Sounds good. Good luck with the greens, I'm not a 'southern cook' either.

  3. Well, you could be eating lots of salads. :/

  4. I like carrot cake too, but have never made a homemade one before. Care to share your recipe with the rest of us?