Friday, May 9, 2008


I just made a tomato and goat cheese omelet for breakfast - - sprinkled with kosher salt and free ground black pepper. The eggs were from free range, organic chickens, and I used organic heavy cream rather than milk.

It was GOOD! mmmm

(side note: I have now become a major kosher salt fan. So much better than the other stuff!)

So I feel like after such a gourmet breakfast I should be dressing in high-fashion for a high-power job somewhere. However, I'll put on the School Spirit Tee for dress-down Friday and spend my day trying to keep teenagers awake while they watch Mel Gibson star as Hamlet.

I've got a number of pictures of recipes I've recently cooked on my computer - I'll try and get a recipe post up this weekend. I did not, however, take a picture of my amazing omelet this morning.


  1. you amaze me! you are your daddy's daughter, and don't you know he'd eat the same thing. the eggs don't sound bad, maybe even the tomato's, but i don't think i could handle the goat cheese - isn't it kind of thick? besides, i'm not a real "cheesy" kinda person :-)

  2. Sounds like a yummy way to start the day. I'm impressed you wake up early enough to eat breakfast considering you're a teacher. If I taught I'm pretty sure I'd never eat breakfast because I'd get up in just enough time to be at work!

  3. This sounds scrumptious. I am with you on the kosher salt thing -- it's what I use 99% of the time!