Thursday, April 23, 2009

Favorite Things: Cup o' Tea

More often than not lately it seems that it's been raining on the weekends. I decided to embrace the weather and put to use a gift from my secret pal at work.

I received a Loose Leaf Tea Brewing Basket and a can of Organic Orange Blossom Green Tea.

I had never had loose leaf tea before - but it is so good! I feel very sophisticated drinking loose leaf tea too - so that's always fun. ;-) The brewing basket I have is for use with a single coffee mug and the handles are designed so the basket will hang on the edge of the mug. It's very simple to use - you just put in a tsp of the leaves, pour in hot water, put on the lid, and let it steep for a few minutes.

One particular Saturday in the midst of stressful weeks at work I opened the windows so I could hear the rain and my wind chimes and drank hot tea while reading a great book. (David Baldacci's Wish You Well)

A couple of my students asked me on the next Monday what I did over the weekend - and I told them about my rainy day with tea and a book - and they thought that hysterical of course and have asked me every Friday since if I'm going to be making tea that weekend. However, it really is a great way to relax. So, I suggest you get yourself some loose leaf tea and prepare for the next rainy day you're trapped inside. Let the teenagers make fun of you - one day they'll understand the beauty of a quiet day with rain, tea, and a book. :-)


  1. That is my favorite way to relax, too. Cold, rainy day outside, warm blanket and tea (and book) inside. Mmm.

  2. That's a great way to relax. The brewing basket is really neat. I may have to get one of those. :)

  3. That brewing basket is so cool. I love tea also, though I don't enjoy it enough.