Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fun Accessories

I was at a thrift store the other week and found these fun book ends for $3!

At the moment there is not room on my bookshelves for actual bookends - so they're more of decorative accessories - but eventually they will hold up books!

I went and did some googling to find other fun bookends. Here's what I came up with! (I couldn't find mine online anywhere.)
Quote Unquote Bookends - LOVE these. Rather more pricey than my $3 find though. . .
Fish Bowl Bookends - I mean, really, how cool are these? If I didn't think my psychotic cats would eat the fish I'd totally get these!
Book End Bookends - for Captain Obvious
Bean Bags as Bookends - seems like a fun idea!
License Plates Bookends - I certainly see license plate decor everywhere. Not my style but perhaps one of you would like it.
Old Records Bookends - reduce, reuse, recyle, and all that. This would be great if someone had a music/book room.


  1. I really like your bookends. So cool! The fish bowl bookends are awesome!

  2. I like your bookends the best. Although those bean bag bookends got my creative wheels rolling. ;-)

  3. haha, i like the ones that are "book end".. and your new ones!

  4. i like the ones you got and think the fish bowls would be cool!