Saturday, October 17, 2009

Go shopping for me

My method of decorating tends to be "don't put anything in the room I don't love." That worked well for me - when I had an extra undecorated bedroom in which to stick all those elements I didn't love (but thought that I'd love later for another room, or they were just necessary, or they had nostalgic value.) But now that I have exactly one bedroom of personal space - personal space with provided furnishings no less - I'm having issues. It certainly has that dorm room feel to it and I'm trying not to hate that.

There's also the issue of the radiator being directly in front of the window and my fire-paranoia complicating the curtain issue.

However, here a couple of glances at my room now - and then I'm going to send you out shopping for me as my brain is having a block thanks to all those aforementioned issues.

The curtains. These hung in my old guest room - and looked much better there. Narrow window, pooling on the floor, no off-center radiator in front of the window. Ah, well. Curtains are expensive and as I can't really close the curtains or put another panel in the center (and don't tell me the radiator will be fine and the curtains won't spontaneously ignite - I won't believe you!) - new drapes are not really possible. Any other ideas? Scarf across the top? Valence over the top - though I hate valences - so find me one that works!

And the bed portion of the room. The frames on the wall are leaving. There was a third one and it fell. I'm trying to avoid putting nails in the wall - so - I'm thinking - some of that vinyl wall art that's all the rage now. Etsy search "vinyl wall decal" if you don't know what I'm talking about. I haven't found anything I'm in love with yet though. So - your job: find me wall art to go in that corner and tell me where to put it (head of bed, side wall, on the slanty attic ceiling above, etc.)

Second thing for this corner. Throw pillows for me bed that coordinate but are not matchy-matchy.

Third thing: New bedside table that will provide adequate bedside storage for lamp, book, laptop, and odds and ends but that doesn't have a crooked leg and doesn't look like that and would hopefully hide that tangle of electrical cords.

Also - an area rug to put down to cover the odd-colored/stained carpet would be awesome.

I've kind of got a butterfly with reds, browns, greens, and golds going on. Black accents.

On a positive note -my room did come with this awesome dresser and I do like how I've decorated the top of it:

It's Charlie, Moe, and Blanche! I do love these ducks. Even though they don't match my room. . .

Now, off you go. Come back with links to fabulous things that I can buy to add to my room.


  1. A suggestion for the bedside table: go to Target (my favorite place) and buy a bathroom cabinet (a small one). They are cute and hold lots of stuff :) And then to solve your tangled cord problem...twist ties work wonders and to be really insanely neat (eeehhhh like me who has OCD) then you can buy outlet covers that you can wrap the cords around the inside and it's neat and safe :) I'll think on the rest of the stuff. Wall art would definetely had some character. I know they have a dandelion blowing in the wind one that you could put on the side of the bed and have it work it's way up to the ceiling and the head of the bed or vice versa...ok until later happy decorating!

  2. I second the twist tie suggestion, since I hate cords myself. I also totally looked at furniture at Target with you in mind, but didn't see anything. Target or Ikea are sure to have SOMETHING you can use. Well, if you have an Ikea around.

  3. I'd go for a black feather boa to top that window!

  4. ok, ok, you want the little dresser my record player is on? i think it'd work great for your bedside table and you love it (i think). i think a swag type center curtain coming down towards the radiator, but not too close would be cool. i'm picturing some kinda black w/red print of some kind for above the ped. maybe wide but not very tall. as for the twist ties - how about those plastic things you pull thru to the desired length? or are we talking about the same thing. and do you know they actually make some kind of cloth thingy that goes over your cords to hide them. basically just a casing of fabric (you could make these). as for internet links - with me, prob not as you're my web searcher.

    btw - i like the design of your blog page - cool!

  5. I think a new bedside table and area rug would make a difference in your room. Have you thought about putting a picture above your bed? Are you not allowed to put holes in your bedroom walls? You should do a search for some ideas to decorate a college dorm room. I have seen some really creative suggestions. I am not normally someone who is opposed to using ducks when decorating a room thanks to my mom decorating our house in ducks in the 80's but I really like the duck you have on your dresser. Good Luck! I will keep my eye out for anything I think would look good in your room.

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    I thought that might look neat above your bed. The frames made me think of you. It would be neat if there were small decal quotes to go inside of them. I could see this above your bed.

  8. Ok I'll have to "go shopping" when I have a faster internet connection, but this thought come to mind. How about decorating with fabric and fabric softener. Here's a good link to illustrate it.

    I'm not saying to decorate with a chicken silhouette, but you get the idea. I'll be back later with some more suggestions.