Monday, March 7, 2011

Feels like Home

After about 19 months of living here . . . my little bit of personal space is finally starting to feel like home. Coming into a furnished room and just trying to figure out what I really needed in the space slowed me down. At my apartment I put stuff I wasn't sure about in the spare room and made the rest of the place pretty. Here - it all went into the bedroom.

It's still a little cramped and crowded for my tastes - but I'm working on figuring out what isn't needed and making the space function best for me.

I rearranged the room a bit a few weeks ago when I swapped out the TV for my sewing machine. A few days ago I found a bedding set that I liked at Marshall's and some curtains for cheap and got those. While I liked the bedding I had previously - it just never felt like me. I already feel so much more relaxed when I come into my room with my new bedding and the curtains and such.  So, basically 2 of the 4 walls of my room have been revamped to work for me. The other two need some work - there are a couple of bookshelves, a dresser, and both the door to the room and the door to the closet on those walls so I need to re-think those spaces to really get the flow I'm looking for.

Here are the two walls that are working for me right now.

You should be able to click the image to see a larger picture.

The curtains have been an interesting journey. I used to just have two long panels hanging on either side - but that didn't look all that great and didn't block any light. Then I got these curtains. My "fear of fire" won't allow me to hang them down behind the radiator - so I knew they needed to be shorter - but I really dislike the aesthetics of short curtains - so I wanted something that at least had the illusion of possible length. I thought of a roman shade idea. And then as I grabbed my safety pins and started messing with the fabric the image in my head became that of the "pick up" style dresses - basically droopy layers. I'm not totally in love with it yet and there may be more alterations in the future - but the fabric has much more of a sheen in person which adds to the "luxe" quality of the pick-up style and it's growing on me. They serve the light-blocking function well though.

I really like the bedding. The set I bought came with Euro Shams - and I've had 2 Euro Pillows that I brought with me from my bedroom in GA in my closet all this time - so it was nice to put those to use.

You can also see a couple of my sewing projects there. I made a sewing machine cover and a throw pillow out of some fabric remnants I had. Close-ups:

The sewing machine cover I copied from a vinyl cover that cam with the machine. It maybe took me two hours.  The pillow is such a simple project when you have a pillow form. At the simplest form you can literally cut one piece of fabric and sew four seams. Voila, pillow cover!  Google "envelope pillow cover" for tutorials - maybe I'll do a picture one one day. . .

Anyway, so that's 1/2 of my room. The other side has a lot more storage that I need to make aesthetically cohesive and functional. Working on it.


  1. pretty like how u did the curtains. I'm in the middle of redoing the living room here


  2. It's lovely. Very tranquil! I personally love the look of the curtains. I had curtains with that sort of look growing up and I always enjoyed them.

    I like the wall art w/ the tree, too.

  3. I like the curtains, too! I'm totally impressed that you did the drooping part yourself. I thought that was part of the way the curtains already were.

  4. This is a BEAUTIFUL space! Good job!

  5. I think the curtains look great! It looks so peaceful in your room! Beautiful!

  6. Your room is beautiful! I really like the bedding and the wall art.

  7. I really love those curtains. I've fairly certain, even without seeing the other rooms, that yours is the most decorated and elegant in the whole house. I too like how you pieced together your panorama.

  8. It looks fantastic! I wonder when my house or room will look this grown up! haha

  9. I LOVE that bedding! It's looking very springy and lovely!

  10. looks very relaxing. like the bedding colors, too!

  11. Looks wonderful! I read this the other day but can't see pictures on my phone. I've been curious for days-- waiting to get online somewhere! :)