Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gifts: College Roommates

I have just one entry for my thankful list of 1000 gifts today. (Hit the "gifts" tag to see the other entry)

5.  My college roommates

I transferred to a new college after my sophomore year of college. I spent the summer in between the sophomore and junior year in Oregon. So - roommate hunting was interesting to say the least. I had absolutely no desire to live in a dorm. God had a pretty amazing puzzle going on though - I was in Oregon doing summer missions - and my partner for the summer had a friend who had a friend who went to the college I was transferring to who needed a 4th roommate in a house full of girls. Sign me up! A lease was faxed to me in Oregon and I signed it and faxed it back and moved in with three strangers a few weeks later.

I don't think these women know how much they impacted my life in such a positive way! I had always grown up around Christians who were my flavor of Christianity - and here I was around people who lived their love for Jesus in different ways - it was very challenging to me to examine what I believed and why and I grew so much! I was blessed by how open they were with what God was teaching them and their struggles.  The four of us lived together for a year, then the next year I moved into a smaller apartment with one of the girls, Bridgett. Later, after college -- another lady from that house - Jenn - and I lived in the same town for a while and we were part of a Bible study together. I really think that year that all four of us lived together really changed me for the better in so many ways - and as we continue to be "talk every few months" friends and our lives bumped into each other occasionally (and I get to facebook stalk them ;) ), I've been so blessed by these Women of God in my life.

Bridge and Nichole are in Georgia. Jenn is in Singapore. And, I'm in Chicago. However - over Christmas of 2009 we were all in the same place and got together to hang out and took a few photos. I am not the kind of person who thinks that college dorm/roommate life is an essential part of growing up - and had I been able to live at home and commute all four years I probably would have - but I'm so glad that God had this plan for me and that I was blessed to be part of the lives of these women.

Nicole, Jenn, Bridgett, and Nichole. December 2009


  1. awwww.. all of you were such an amazing gift in my life both at the time and now. You are a true friend and though we only talk once every other month I know I can tell you anything that is on my heart. I am so glad you signed that lease and moved into our crazy house elenanor.

  2. Honestly, the best gift I got recently was from my folks and it came as a bit of a surprise considering they got it from my place of employment, Dish Network. They gave me an iPad which alone is an amazing gift which I thought was too much. Then they showed me the other little gift hidden inside, TV Everywhere. They had purchased a Sling Adapter and decided that since I was having such a great year they wanted to reward me as if paying for my college education isn't enough. So, I have all the programmign and DVR recordings that are available in their programming package and it's actually pretty cool. Sometimes they will record something special just for me and I'll find it and know that they are thinking of me. Parents can be so cool!