Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Thanksgiving Food

That is most of my ingredients for the Thanksgiving Dinner this year. The turkey (free turkey thanks to the "turkey points" program at the local grocery) is in the fridge and a few other things got left out - but that's about it.

Let's investigate. Shall we? (Why, yes, I do have too much time on my hands!)

I call this ingredients by number:

1. For the STUFFING that will be STUFFED in the bird. (not the inferior dressing)
2. I don’t really know. Just seems like I should have a can on hand.
3. See #2
4. I’m going to try baking acorn squash
5. And I’m drizzling real maple syrup in that squash. I almost bought the organic maple syrup but it was twice the price. Ah well.
6. Cream cheese for the potatoes. Yup!
7. Onion for the stuffing. (cut in teeny tiny pieces for my mother.)
8. For Robert Redford
9. For Cranberry-Walnut Salad.
10. I’m going to do the corn . . .
11. . . .and rice casserole
12. Organic orange so I can zest it into the sweet potato casserole without zesting in pesticides that stick to the skins.
13. Non-alcoholic bubbly. (The alcoholic variety did not add to my turkey points.)
14. Pecans. I’m going to sugar coat them, put them in a crust, put them on top of stuff. They’re great.
15. Potato and Sweet Potato. They have friends elsewhere in the kitchen.
16. When I called my mother to see if she had any last minute requests all she said was, “I like Redi Whip now.” So, there you go. It makes pumpkin pies prettier too.
17. Cool whip is necessary for cranberry salad and Robert Redford
18. For the cranberry salad.
19. These will be roasted and they will be amazing.
20. For the top of the green bean casserole. (which I will make if I make it back to the store as I didn’t get the Cheese Whiz.I never can find that stuff in the store!)
21. Canola oil for pumpkin bread.
22. Pie crusts. . . for the pies.
23. Apples. For the cranberry salad. (that salad has a lot of stuff in it!) I may make an apple pie. We'll see how ambitious I am.
24. Cans of pumpkin. Bread. Pies. Yummyness.
25. Crescent rolls. Because I don’t have the desire to make biscuits this year.
26. Robert Redfordness


  1. Yum! We used to do the free turkey point thing at Weis Markets when I lived in PA. I don't think any grocery stores do that here though. But, I wouldn't know, we normally shop at Wal-mart for food. (I know, you're going to disown me.)

  2. mom decided she doesn't like redi whip on pumpkin pie - even if it is dairy and not oil - the cool whip is much better. and, because we helped finance the robert redford, i'm still looking for it :-) since it wasn't at the dinner. it was spectacular food!! you are a great cook and i thank you for feeding daddy and I. he's still raving about the corn and wild rice casserole btw. also, i kinda felt like i was looking to open advent calendar windows trying to match the numbers with the list :-)

  3. btw - you need to post the pics daddy took - especially the aspargus!!