Friday, July 25, 2008

I just fell in love with a rug

Right now my living room is two colors. Brown and Blue (see picture). I've been wanting to add more color to the room but haven't yet seen anything that says "That's It!"

Until now.

I stumbled across these Kathy Ireland rugs on Apartment Therapy's website that deals with designs in kids rooms - but I think they're beautiful, not childish.

We have the Garden Girl Milk Chocolate rug and the Butterfly Fantasy Ocean rug. I think the butterfly one is beautiful - but probably too green. So, the Garden Girl one is going on my wish list. (Hey, Mom! Christmas present? *smile*)

It's a lot of color - but will be under the coffee table (might need to get rid of that table runner you see in the picture and get something else) and I think it'll give the room some variety. I could get throw pillows the colors of the fabrics. Right now the throw pillows are just the same material as the couch. (Fancy looking, but boring.) The Garden Girl also comes with a "sand" colored background rather than the "chocolate" - but I think that would blend in too much with my current carpet.

So, maybe they'll carry them long enough for me to save $200 to spend on a rug.


  1. Oooo I really like that Garden Girl rug. I can definitely see that in your apartment.

  2. you know of course, if it's a christmas gift it'd have to be the smaller size - but it is beautiful and the shipping is free :-) i think it'd look great!