Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Organic Corn

At the moment there are four ears of fresh organic corn sitting on my counter. I must admit I'm a bit leery of touching them. Why? Because in the CSA newsletter this week was this small note: "Typically I have the workers cut the worm out of the corn, but we're so busy this week we probably won't get to it. No worries though. All organic corn has a worm at the end because we don't use pesticides." She even included a nice little graphic of two smiley face heads hugging. Right. I feel so much better now.

There's a worm in my corn? Where is it? Do I husk it first and then chop off the end? Which end? Do I need to do it NOW or wait until I'm ready to eat the corn and just little corn worm enjoy himself until then? Am I even going to want to eat the corn after I see the squiggly thing at the end? So many questions! And, google is not giving me satisfactory answers - so I come to you dear blog readers in search of answers to these troubling matters.

At this point I'm thinking I prefer pesticides where corn is concerned.


  1. I'd be freaking out about the worm in the corn too. That is enough to make you want to throw it away. lol

  2. Hahahaha! Yes, pass the pesticides please!

  3. Eww. I don't think I could eat corn with worms. Yuck! Good luck though lol.

  4. Ok, glad I'm not the only one totally grossed out. haha