Friday, July 18, 2008

My Favorite Things: Snack

On grocery store trips when I feel I can afford the splurge I buy a round of Camembert cheese (I do recommend the President brand pictured here), a fresh baguette, and some white wine.

This makes up my favorite nighttime snack.I like the baguette that is ready for me to bake at home because I can get it all warm and toasty and then spread that lovely soft cheese on there.


In the picture I actually have Ginger Ale in the champagne glass because I didn't feel like opening the wine I had in my fridge - but - as long as it's in a pretty glass it still feels like a fancy treat. This is my very short blog post recommending a bit of a treat to make yourself feel a little bit pampered.


  1. What kind of flavor does that cheese have?

  2. hmm....the flavor. It's very mild. I kind of think "creamy" - I'm bad at describing flavors - I'm like "it tastes like ....camembert"

    You need to serve it at room temp for the best texture/taste. And, it goes great with bread and fruits and wines.

  3. I enjoyed Camembert with a baguette and salad this weekend, and I can hardly wait to have some more tonight.

  4. Looks divine! I usually don't buy Camembert, I buy Brie, but either way - delicious.