Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Calendar!

New Year, New Calendar - and I particularly like this one that is now hanging in my kitchen!

The May photo (beginning of second row here) has an oven that I want! It has like four compartments for cooking!

Anyway. I really enjoy vintage advertisements so this seemed like a great kitchen calendar for me :)

I bought the calendar at a store but I also see this one online that looks like fun: Kitchen Kitsch

And see lots of vintage ads at

Now I'm off to prepare for a New Year's Day Party. The hostess has asked me to prepare a couple of appetizers so I'm doing Baked Brie and Spinach Balls. The Spinach balls have the special honor of being the first thing I made for a "grown up party" back in my student teaching and they were a hit. Hopefully they'll go over as well tonight. I'll be back with recipes, pictures, and such later!

(technical question for other blogspotters - whenever I use a picture in the "compose" window rather then the "edit html" window I get really random spacing - anyone know what's up with that?)


  1. On the technical question - I have no idea about that. I've had the same problem. I think there may be some bugs going around Blogger lately cause some funny things have been happening. For instance I went to someone's blog today through several different link and each took me to Microsofts weird.

    Happy New Year. I'm sure you had a blast at the party. And I'm certain that everyone LOVED your appetizers.

  2. I like your new calendar as well! It's cute. I always have to compromise with the calendar I get because my husband never wants one that is too "girly". Stinkin' boy. This year we have one of mountain scenes and a track your new puppy calendar that Adrian got us (too cute).