Thursday, January 1, 2009

Book Review: The Pumpkin Patch

After ringing in the new year last night with a friend I started 2009 by finishing the book you see pictured. It's the story in journal form of a single woman in her mid 40s who travels to Ukraine to adopt two unrelated children. She goes hoping for two girls and returns with two boys.

There wasn't anything "new" in this book in terms of single parent adoption information - but it was nice to read the actual story of a woman who took the journey - especially one who adopted two at once - especially because in my heart I'd really like to do the same thing - though I don't know how wise it is for me to do that.

Oh! There was one thing I read that was "new" to me in all of my readings - one of her sons developed a bad case of "exploding diapers" after they returned home. Months and Months of tests and no answers until finally one doctor realized it began when she transitioned him from underwear back to diapers after they left the orphanage. His brain didn't know what was going on and caused his intestines to hold it in and then when it finally came out it exploded. (Look at me..not yet a mother and already talking about poop!) So - mental note tucked away to watch bowel movements carefully if I switch the types of underwear on my child once we leave the orphanage ;-)

This woman was able to take a few months off work to help her children transition and then hired a nanny to watch them once she returned to work. Those of you who have done this before? Do you have any control over requesting travel windows? (Or - I guess - if certain countries have more stable "time charts" I can just choose when to submit my paperwork and hope it works out...) I can maximize "transition" time before returning to work if I travel to get the child in Feb-April is the only reason I ask. I'll obviously pack up and go whenever my child is ready - but I would prefer 5 months of transition time rather than two of course. ;-) If I travel near the end of the spring semester I'll have all of summer off without losing any paycheck before returning to work in August.

I highly doubt I'll be able to afford a nanny once I return to work - but I'm hoping that at least there will be a friend who will keep my child in her home rather than going to a daycare.

In general - it was a good book to read to kind of get a glimpse inside single parent adoption. I'd encourage you to read it to just kind of give your brain a glimpse into the world. I really appreciated how honest she was with her emotions and thoughts.


  1. Thanks for the review - I'd like to read that! Even if you didn't get any real "new" information, there is something very helpful to your psyche and your emotions to know that someone has done it before and succeeded. It's a sort of support - and it's the sort that has kept me going when I was ready to quit.

    I love that you're researching so much and considering so many things before jumping in to do it. I didn't - but then, I'd probably have talked myself out of it if I had, so it's just as well! LOL

  2. Hi, I just fell upon your blog and really liked the layout and the diversity it has to offer. I am a single that is wanting to adopt as well. I hurried up and did my Masters and then proceeded to do another degree to use up all of my credits. It was quite the accomplishment and worth doing it before the child comes. If you want to contact me it would be great to hook up:
    Best wishes for the New Year!