Friday, February 20, 2009

Drizzle Icing

I posted a few months ago about my Grandmother's Chocolate Layer Cake and it's messy, but amazing, chocolate icing. A bit after I made that last cake I saw the idea of icing it on top of a wire rack so the icing could drip off without messing up the serving platter.

I made another of these cakes as a joint Birthday cake for my parents. (Mom was December 31st and Dad was January 26th) The new icing method was wonderful! (Though I think I'm still making my icing a bit too thin to begin with. Less milk!)

First - I don't think I've shown off my Christmas present here:

Isn't she pretty? :)

Anywho - on with the cake!
See how lovely that works? The leftover icing is caught in a jelly roll pan. At the end I slid the wire rack ot the other side of the pan and re-used some of the dripped icing. It worked so well! You do need to wait until the icing is COMPLETELY dry before you move it to the cake plate.

The birthday people admiring their cake. (You can see that I did not wait until the icing was completely cool by the chocolate smudges around the cake.. oh well!

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  1. Do you ever coat cakes in ganache, because that's the exact same method:)