Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sewing Space

After re-organizing my guest room a bit I have a dedicated place to sew. (All sewing tools were formerly in the corner of the dining room and moved to the table when I needed to sew something.) So here is where I now sew:

It's cozy and has good light. I like it :) To the right there is a bookshelf that holds my sewing box and such.

These pillows should not be in my room! I made them for a friend of mine who is currently living in Singapore. I need to take them by the place her mom works so she can add them to her next package. If you see this, Jenn - I will get these to you! I'm going to put them next to my door so that I'll remember to carry them to the car for me! However, I took the picture because I love this fabric. I kind of wish they matched my living room so I could make some more!

This is my most recent project. It's an old fleece blanket that my mother's cats adopted as theirs. I turned it into a pillowcase for a standard bed pillow that they will use as a cat bed. I also made a couple using an old blue fleece blanket that the cats also adopted. Very simple. (And environmentally friendly! Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse!)


  1. Those pillows for your friend are gorgeous! Also it's great that you have a dedicated space now!

  2. To the the other side of the window? Or did you mean left?

  3. to the right - on the other side of the window

  4. That cat beds is really cute. But my cat will never use those kind of cat beds because she's fond of sleeping on top of our television.