Saturday, December 6, 2008

50 cent decor

I stopped by a local thrift store the other day and found two wine glasses that are so not my style for stemware but I thought they might work for another job so I grabbed them. 50 cents for two wine glasses. (Side note: Luigi Bormioli Esperienze is the stemware I DO love. You know, if you're ever looking for a gift idea.)

I came home and washed them up and then grabbed a cup full of rocks I've had for about 5 years. These are small rocks that I found on the shores of the Oregon coast (Single Domestic Trivia: stones were found the same week that I first tasted Rosemary Eggs. It was a good week) In addition to being free the rocks have the added benefit of having some sentimental value and a story to go with them. I do love things that tell stories.

I put the stones in the bottom of the wine glasses, threw in two red votive candles I had, and voila! A pretty little accent for my guest room.

as you can see the side table needs some work. I'm thinking a quick two-color paint job. Here's my palette:

I'm thinking painting the door the yellow of that solid pillow and the rest of the green of the solid. don't know. Ideas? I'd like to do some kind of design on it - but making things look precise and detailed is NOT my speciality. (In fact - my inability to stay in the lines and do things "straight" is the reason I thought for so long that I was not creative and why I chose to major in English rather than go to art school. But ...that's not what this post is about. We'll discuss the childhood trauma of unidentifiable toy soldier Christmas ornaments at a later date.)


  1. What an amazing idea! Sometimes I think you should have your own show on TLC instead of teaching (that's my personal opinion though).

    Anyway what about doing the solid colors but finding a stencil butterfly and do a small amount of butterflies "flying" up across the front of the side table. The butterflies could be brown.

  2. now, really is wilbur and mishka going to let those wine glasses set there - doubt it! anyway - good idea and i like the idea about stenciling the butterflies - not so sure about the green though as a color for the cabinet, but what do i know? you're known as a decorator in the family. i like the red butterflies in the fabric.

  3. Korey - haha. I don't have enough original ideas for that - I steal other people's ideas! :-p

    I like the ideas of butterflies - but I'd do them black. I have brown in every room in my house and my rule for the guest room was not not use brown :-p

    Mom - so far Wilbur and Mishka have left it alone!

  4. I agree with what Korey said. Don't worry about coming up with enough original ideas for a show's season; that's why they have producers.

    I don't know whether to blame functional fixedness or the y chromosome, but I would never have looked at wine glasses and thought, "These would make terrific candle holders for my guest bedroom."

  5. And I just loved the part in your description of how you put a handful of rocks that you have had for about five years into the bottom of the glass.

  6. If they have another glass like that, you should invest in one more. I've read in quite a few places (and agree with them) that displayed objects look better in odd numbers. If they only come in another pair, why not? They're only 50 cents and you'll have a back up if one breaks. They also say (and again I agree) that they look better when at multiple heights. Maybe get a pretty cigar box or a slice of wood or something for one of them to stand on?

    On another note: Any overhead projectors at your school? If so, see if you can borrow one. Print a pretty butterfly design/mosaic onto a transparency and project it onto the wall. Trace with pencil. Color in with paint. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. ;)

  7. completly agree with the three and varied height thing - but alas, that is all they had. Thrift store. They don't exactly stock a variety of coordinating items. lol

    and painting butterflies on my apt wall is not something I can do ;-) though I've considered doing similar with the vinyl "stick on" things they've got these days.

  8. You can't just color inside lines like this (obviously in colors you prefer)?

    If you're looking into wall decals, here's a link that might interest you.

    Oh, and here's another.

  9. I like the wall decals.

    And, yes, I'd mess up even those simple lines. I am not a perfectionist and I simply cannot paint/color/draw/whatever neatly.

  10. Ooo, off topic, but I saw this and thought it was perfect timing!

    You haven't put up your tree yet, right? Here's some kitty/tree advice from AT.

  11. You don't have to draw! Take the butterflies fabric you have to kinkos, get a color copy on regular paper, and hit the craft store on the way home for some ModPodge - it's glue and sealer all in one. just cut out the butterflies, paste them on (after you've painted of course) then after they've dried on, paint an entire layer of ModPodge over the whole front to seal it. Talk about easy - and then you'll have a really matched set!

  12. There is an award at my blog for you!