Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

I finally got around to putting up my Christmas tree. After Wilbur (cat) destroyed my tree last year I didn't want to put it up too early this year - especially since I have Thing 2 (Mishka) now to join in on the destructive fun.

After a number of years of doing the "fancy" and themed trees with florals and ribbons and what-not - I was in the mood for a little holiday nostalgia. So I dug out my tin of Christmas ornaments from my childhood, invited my mother over, and reminisced about the years when i wanted an ice-skater/teddy bear/car ornament.

First though! The Holiday unpacking:

Mishka plays in the ribbon from last year's tree.

I forgot I had these lovely vintage Hollie Hobbie Christmas glasses. A friend got them for me for Christmas last year - so I didn't really get to use them. I think they're adorable and they so fit my "vintage nostalgia" theme for Christmas this year. (there I go with the theme again...I said I wasn't going to have one!)

I bought a "slim tree" to fit in a corner of my living room rather than using the monster I inherited from my parents - I wanted something cute and simple - not grand and elegant. This picture shows you why I would never get a real tree - I wouldn't know how to put the lights on a real tree!

The tree! It makes me sad that pictures of trees never look as good as the tree. And, the angel is WAY too big - but it's what I had. I need some kitchy star for the top though - that would be perfect.

I also made a centerpieces for the coffee table.

I love the way the star ornaments kind of sound like wind chimes on the side of the vase with the fan blowing. (Yes, I'm running the fan in December. Crazy Georgia weather)
The small angel and baby Jesus is the only thing I have as a nativity. I just want to find a nice nativity where Jesus is not white or black. Is that too much to ask? This small one belonged to my "like-a-grandmother" and I got it when she passed away a few years ago.

Anywho. Time to wrap some presents to go under there!


  1. yay for a Christmas tree! We just put our tree up like earlier this week. Also how about that weather? It's bad here too, it was like 40 or so a week and half ago and it's been like 65 the past few days. So much for a white Christmas.

  2. Oooh how pretty,Nicole! You have great designing skills!

  3. great shots, nicole! i didn't notice the angel and baby Jesus when we were there the other day. it was such fun reminiscing with the ornaments. the shot of mishka with the ribbon is a fav of mine, but my favorite is still of wilbur IN the tree from last year!