Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Decor

My Christmas decorations are VERY limited at the moment. I haven't wanted to put up the tree yet because I know my cats think Christmas Tree = their personal playground. So, I'll probably wait until the semester is over so I can enjoy the tree while I'm off work and not worry about what my little furballs are doing to my Christmas decor while I'm trying to inspire the minds of the future.

However, I do have a couple things up! I started my Christmas Village this year.(click to make pictures larger)

My favorite holiday sight: a tree on top of a car.

Look at the guy inside the hardware store window! The mailbox and fire hydrant are on loan from my mother. I think they look so good there she should let me keep them. Don't you?

I got my inn!! Isn't it cute? Mailbox is also part of the items on loan. I love this little family with their suitcases as well. (We're going to pretend like the snow is not dangerously high in proportion, ok? Good.)

Cute kids building a snowman. Why, yes, that is Nicole's shoe store there in the background. So much fun!

Told you the cats get into everything.

I am also making my first ever adult effort at observing Advent. Here is my advent "wreath"

(if you, like many of my readers, are a reader of Lauren's blog - you'll notice you've seen this before. Great minds think alike. What can I say?)

I like it :) It's really been rewarding to kind of focus on the meaning of this season and to really try to embrace and understand what it was like to wait on the Messiah. In addition to lighting the advent candle each morning I'm using an advent guide that has prayers and scripture passages for each day. I'm really enjoying the guide. On the first day the opening prayer has the following included: "Increase our longing for Christ our Savior and give us the strength to grow in love, that the dawn of his coming may find us rejoicing in his presence and welcoming the light of his truth." I think this idea of "increasing our longing for his coming" is very important to me - I know It's very easy for me to content with this world and my life here and forget that I'm suppose to be longing for more - that there IS something more worth longing for.

Today one of the scripture passages we read was the prophecy in Isaiah 11 that talks about a shoot sprouting from a stump. The guide had this reflection that I found interesting and encouraging: "Our God can transform our weakness, our sin, all conflict and all division from every life-less stump - where any future hope has been cut off - a shoot of new life can sprout."

I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Holiday season. :) I'll have pictures from Thanksgiving and such later hopefully.


  1. I just love your little town! And I love how everything is personally meaningful to you. That's what makes it the most special, I think.

  2. i think the mailbox looks great there - but, it's still on loan - for now, anyway. i'm glad you're doing the advent. i think we tried it a few times while you guys were growing up, i'd be interested in the guide or book or whatever. and btw - wilbur is adorable in the village - and the people with the luggage look great, it looks so real.

  3. I love your little town! My Mom has one of those, though she lacks as many people as yours, and the church in her town is gone (cat). Cat's really do get into everything!