Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thankful for my job at Christmas time

I get two weeks off for Christmas vacation. I never really intended on being a teacher - I just kind of fell into that profession. The more invested I've become in the idea of being a single adoptive parent the more I am thankful that God let me to this job. I love knowing that I'll have this time to enjoy the holidays with any future children.

Unless I end up adopting earlier than I plan or older than I plan - my children are not yet in existance - but I'm still praying for them - praying for their birth families. I hope that this holiday season is one of warmth, love, and health for them.

(Of course, I'd love a job that would allow me to homeschool my children as a single parent...So, God, if you want to give me a heads up there that would be great. If you want my preference I'd love to own a small little Inn...just...you know...an idea.)


  1. I always thought home school would be great - but after being in one house all day with one four year old - I know we need breaks from each other. Preschool in January - yay!!

  2. You make me smile. You remind me of my friend Rebbecca. Like suggestions to God ;) I hope you had a nice Christmas!